Buying Guide | Access Check & Ordering Guide – For a Smooth and Hassle-Free Delivery and Installation (Infographic)

When shopping our collection of furniture; tables, chairs, desks, storage, stools, beds – whatever it may be – please consider the following points. Take just 5 minutes and make tailoring your living space with our iconic, timeless pieces an effortless and enjoyable journey.

To avoid common problems in the delivery and installation of new furniture, we ask our customers to take the time in following these simple steps when ordering new items for their home, especially when getting large furnishings or fittings.

Access Check & Ordering Guide - For a Smooth and Hassle-Free Delivery and Installation (Infographic)

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Check the Product’s Dimensions Online.

Every item in our online catalog has a description page that includes detailed specifications and measurements so you don’t have to do guesswork when planning its placement in your home.

Consider the Space Where the Furniture will be Placed.

Test out the proportion of the furniture to the rest of the room by marking the floor with paper or removable tape. Make sure that there is enough space around the furniture to allow comfortable movement especially with storage units and dining sets. Leave enough room for drawers and cabinet doors to be opened.

Leave about 90cm of space between a dining table and other pieces of furniture or the wall to provide enough room to move the chairs or walk around them.

Consider Obstacles.

Take note of possible obstacles such as narrow hallways, low ceilings, exposed beams, stairwells, banisters, fixtures, radiators, and light fittings.


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Measure All Pathways and Entry Points.

Measure your room accurately including the heights and widths of any doorways, and passages. Make sure that the furniture you’re ordering measures less than all the locations it will pass through from our delivery van to your intended room.

Sofas & sectionals.

Sofa width must be less than the length of the clearance space

The diagonal depth must measure less than the width of the entryway.

Storage units.

The diagonal height for vertical storage units must be less than either the height of the doorway or the length of the clearance space.

The depth must be less than the width of the doorway and passages.

Dining tables.

Make sure that at least one side measures less than the opening or your doorway or any other passages it will pass through.


Similar to dining tables and shelving units, when ordering for a bed, one side must measure less than the opening of your doorway and other access points.

Please Note.

Please make careful considerations to ensure that all furniture items will fit through all doorways, up stairwells, down halls, and around corners into the desired location. We do not refund delivery charges if the furniture is not installed successfully due to insufficient access.

Please be advised that we cannot deliver items above the second floor without an elevator. In case of a tight or narrow fit, our delivery driver may request that you sign a damage waiver prior to attempting delivery

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