Behind the Brand | Magis

Since 1976 Magis has produced designs led by the very latest technology and design. Founded by Eugenio Perazza Magis is an Italian furniture supplier that continues to work with the likes of Marcel Wanders, Jasper Morrison and many, many more…
“The word EXCELLENCE is by its very nature used sparingly. Yet it’s definitely an appropriate word in the case of MAGIS. The exemplary story of MAGIS has always been an upward curve. An admirable series of products. An accurate choice of designers. Fully updated strategies. Sophisticated communication. The right industrial policy. Then the new MAGIS location is ZEN, a magic box for protecting this rare phenomenon.
Everything is absolutely OK.”
– Alessandro Mendini
“I appreciate a leader of a company who makes the first suggestion for co-operation and flies to Finland for a meeting, as it happened with Magis when I started designing for them in 2003.”
– Eero Aarnio
“Charm is a very important chemistry for Magis and we cannot talk about Magis products without charm and coziness.
Quality of Magis products is that tall these products seem as if they came out of casual paintings and they have something that no cool and stylish design can compete.
After all, this charm is what makes Magis and its philosophy.”
– Naoto Fukasawa

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