Get the Look | Cottage Style Decor

Cottage style is as much a mindset as it is a pre-planned approach to interior design. The somewhat relaxed detailing and combination of elements steers it toward a down to earth, humble method of interior decoration.
‘Shabby chic’ is a close relative, light colours, mismatched furniture, faded prints, linens, peeling paint these capture the style beautifully.
Remember there’s a fine line between gently patinaed and tired. Balance aggressively weathered pieces with fresh ones and keep your palette soft and modest. Gracefully aged furniture in your desired area will appear more striking against clean, updated walls, trim and window treatments.
Keep away from ‘bling’, no vivid colours, startling bright whites. Choose pastels, but be warned combining too many colours will make a busy mess. Layer tones to create deep detail, add one or two contrasts.
Partial to a bit of bold colour? Go right ahead, though limit it to a handful of smaller pieces or accessories, again choose tones over mixing different colours.
At Olson and Baker Cottage style is easily achieved, embrace our comfy, casual pieces, add your own personal touch by choosing from our wide range of carefully curated products. We offer a free interior planning service, should you be interested in introducing a little cottage corner into your business or home.
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