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Above all, Mediterranean style is a virtual bon voyage, a trip abroad without leaving the house. It carries a strong sense of place and entices you with its exotic promise. Although it’s bold and striking, this style’s innate dignity keeps it from feeling over-the-top or gaudy.
Take a trip down the Mediterranean without stepping one foot our of your door. From Sicily to San Tropez, Majorca to Menorca this is the Olson and Baker guide to achieving that quintessentially Mediterranean Style.
Bold and exotic executed with a certain structure that stops it appearing cluttered or too much. Mediterranean style is characterized by a warm, terrain-like palette. Straw, grasses, sand, sunsets, dust. Popular colours range from deep blues to lavenders, ochres to dusky clays. These carefully selected colours can be combined to striking effect.
Mediterranean Style favours show woods; walnut, knotted oaks. This is quite often seen on larger pieces such as dressers and cabinets.
Sofas are also kept clean and unbothered with decorative accompaniments. They are the focal point of all lounges, the life and soul of its inhabitants. Upholstery makes the best use of natural fibres, breathable fibres such as fine linens and aniline leathers.
Tables of all kinds in most cases have more masculine characteristics. Thick legs rigid in form are combined with wide table tops and panelling. Where single pedestals are used again these are broad and thick.
Tiles feature heavily in Mediterranean décor. Intricate hand-painted tile work, works beautifully with dark rich metals and tones. Mosaics also create stunning features in kitchens, hallways and entrances. Metals; bronze, iron and copper are frequently used with a distressed look to achieve that aged warmth of familiarity; coming home to the family AGA cooker for a rich, soothing meal.
Take it Outside
Outdoor stoves paired with terracotta tiles work beautifully. As do hand-formed pizza ovens and thick iron furniture. Sometimes a contrast can bring an interesting mix into the pot. Take a look at Case Furniture’s Eos range, the clean whites.
What do you think? Mediterranean Style for you? Olson and Baker offer a free interior planning service, should you be interested in introducing a little piece of the continent into your business or home.
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