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In what year did Alvar Aalto design the Savoy (Aalto) Vase?
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Since its unveiling at the Paris World’s Fair, many have speculated as to where the Aalto Vase’s inspiration lies. Aalto drew sketches entitled, “The Eskimo Woman’s Leather Breeches.” This is rumoured to be the source, though others argue the vase’s gentle curves are inspired by the lines of the Finnish landscape. Despite its mysterious origins the vase quickly gained international fame and to date is Alvar Aalto’s most prestigious piece of everyday design.
It is today produced by the very finest glass blowers in all of Scandinavia, Iittala. Iittala’s artists continue to produce Alvar Aalto’s works in accordance with his vision. The Aalto vase is available in a wide variety of colours and sizes so you can find the one that matches your own style. Take a look for yourself https://olsonbaker.com/iittala/
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