Our Definitive Guide to an Olson and Baker Garden

At Olson and Baker we pride ourselves on offering a distinct and exclusive style. If you’ve not figured it out already we’re Scandinavian &a post Modern nuts! A style characterised predominantly by early and mid-century design icons.
Something we’re not as well-known for is our green fingers. Would it shock you to know our exterior spaces are just as striking as those interiors we’re always shouting about?
Check our definitive guide below to achieving your very own Olson and Baker Garden scheme:
Materials & finishes.
Concrete – Raw, clean-cut cast objects. This is inexpensive and a great way to frame more nature friendly elements.
Larch – A gorgeous wood that again doesn’t cost the earth. Larch wears in as oppose to wears out, it patinas a sleek skandy silver over time.
Rope – Use old ship rope to add an array of different elements; divides, edging, handles, planters.
Loungers and day beds – Grab a few sun loungers, the Eos range at Olson and Baker is super clean and contemporary, this will add a healthy contrast and stop the space from looking too tired.
Outdoor Upholstery – That’s right! There’s nothing from stopping you from getting fine upholstery outdoors. We access to a huge range of outdoor fabric and upholstery get in touch for more info [email protected]
Tables – There is nothing stopping you from furnishing your outdoor space to reflect indoors. Like upholstery, get in touch should inspiration strike!
Pizza – What better twist on the conventional British BBQ than your very own hand-formed clay pizza oven!? There are hundreds of guides online, most are free and are composed of very basic materials.
BBQ – Eva Solo have a fantastic range of outdoor cookware and stoves, these follow traditional Danish design too.
Water – Create serenity with a soft flowing water feature, or even just a pod. Decorate with hard, yellow grasses to blend both elements.
Rock – Add boulders and large zen-like rocks and fall right into the Finish landscape.
Uplights – Invest in some recessed, metal capped uplights to guide you through you’re new found paradise.
Downlights – whether it’s your new work of art pizza oven or that stunning new collection of Olson and Baker furniture, shed some soft lighting on it. Set the mood right with our atmospheric outdoor luminaries.
And there we have it, the low-down on the high-ground. There’s nothing you putting together an O + B masterpiece right now. Need help? Give us a call for free advice on creating the perfect outdoor space. We have an interior planning service – use it. Get in touch [email protected]

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