Sustainable Decisions | Desalto

“Know how to produce by respecting the nature of tomorrow.”
In Desalto, the concept of quality declines in ethical values ​​such as beauty, harmony and eco-sustainability. An eco-sustainable design that becomes a philosophy of living based on greater attention to the environment, which transforms itself into business ethics.
Design, like any other projecting and production activities, can be carried out in the respect of the environment and health to ensure the best quality of life for future generations.

And Desalto, always attentive to environmental sustainability within the manufacturing process, boasts an exemplary water cycle of the galvanic plant, which is used, recycled and finally purified in compliance with the most strict regulations. In addition, an innovative photovoltaic plant, consisting of 1730 solar panels, has been active since 2011, whose energy covers the entire company’s needs, activating a virtuous circle that positions Desalto among the most attentive and committed entities to sustainable practices.

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