The Olson and Baker Design Guide to a Bohemian Style Interior

It’s time to think outside the box. There isn’t a strict rule book when it comes to creating a successful Bohemian interior – It should be random, busy and adventurous. The Key is carefully creating a purposefully “messy” look, which can be a more difficult task than you would expect. Think organised chaos – oozing with your own personality, attitude and creative flair. It should define you, your favourite things, your hobbies and your dreams.
The word ‘Bohemian’ dates back to the early 1800’s, and would be used to describe people living a certain lifestyle – a wanderer or vagabond. It was also a term used to describe people who did not agree and conform to the current political and social views, so if there is a bit of rebelliousness in you, and the urge to be different, to experiment and explore – then this style might be for you.
The Bohemian look usually encompasses many different materials; animal hides, various woods, metallic accents and a heavy use of textiles (throws, pillows, tapestry, cushions and curtains). Look for furniture and accessories that encompass vibes from across the globe – tribal inspired designs, Egyptian, Moroccan – just about anything glowing with personality, history and colour. Layering these materials and textures will bring to life the chaotic bohemian look.
Lay down rugs, pile up the cushions and fill every corner – the more accessories the better. Add some natural foliage to compliment the various patterns and textures. Be bold with your colour choices, mix them up and create a rainbow inspired bedroom using multi coloured cushions and pillows. Inject colour into every corner of the room; don’t neglect anything – even the ceiling can be taken advantage of.
You can probably tell that this style is not for everyone – and it’s certainly not for the organised type, so don’t try to please everybody when taking the bohemian approach, it will be almost impossible. Going bohemian is about having the courage to adopt a free-spirited, adventurous approach.

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