The Olson and Baker Design Guide to Modern Design Styles

If you’ve not realised it by now, here at Olson and Baker we love modern design! If it’s tastefully coloured with a primary palette, clutter free, carefully planned and executes a form with clean, clear cut lines, we’re all over it. We believe these very basic characteristics some up Modern Design Styles perfectly.
Take a look at our guide to finding your own Modern Design Style below. These simple questions break it down with ease allowing you identify with what it is about modern day design that makes you love it as much as us:
1. What do Modern Design Styles Associate with?
‘Less is more.’ Ludwig Mies van der Rohe. Modern interiors are spacious, simple with a clear focus on practicality and precision.
Clear-cut, clean geometry; only the most refined lines and calculated curves make the final cut.
Application of functional and industrial materials for decoration and purpose built objects; glass, plastics, concrete and cutting-edge manufacturing techniques.
No Clutter, no noise, shared with Scandinavian styles; breaking away from the stress on modern living.
2. What Makes Modern Design Styles Mad?
Detailed overt embellishment.
Bits & pieces, Nik-Naks, clutter
Rich un-practical materials; golds, platinum, diamonds, crocodile skin etc…
3. How does Modern Furniture get Involved?
Modern Furniture carries across the same ethos. Pieces embody the simplistic forms and materials and drive towards being as sustainable as possible whilst maintaining the very highest standards of function first. They carry a certain honesty that is clear and visible from all angles.
4. No clutter?! Do Accessories have a place in Modern Design?
Objects of interest and inspiration are deeply rooted in Modern Design. Not opulent throws patterned with days of embossing, but art, chosen for its unique story and focus. Soft furnishings where used on necessary rather than principle are at most lightly decorated with basic geometric lines.
5. Does Colour Have a Part to Play?
Backdrops, feature walls and art pieces can often use dramatic use of bold primary colours, although in general this is rare. Typically, Modern design embraces blacks, whites, neutral tones and conservative use of, again, the primary palette. Too much use of varying colour will spoil the whole scheme.
6. Why would you use Modern Design Styles?
Small city apartments often use interior design schemes which encompass all of the above as it’s a brilliant way to increase the perception of space. Users looking for minimal maintenance also benefit well from this style as it means no delicate dusting or cleaning. Great for entertainers too, spaces are easy to clean and easy to re-arrange.
Olson and Baker offer a free interior planning service, should you be interested in breathing a new lease of life into your home or business with a fresh Modern Design Styled interior design.
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