Buying A Sofa Online Without The Worry

Buying a new sofa, particularly online, can seem like a chore. But it can be easier than you think…

Anyone who has bought something this important will know that viewing something on a screen is much more difficult that selecting it in the flesh so to speak.

Fabric samples
What to do if you have any issues
Returning online customers and reviews

Take, for example, the Case Furniture Moulton Three Seat Sofa. On the face of it, a perfect choice: deep seat, sturdy and solid wooden legs, with a style that could easily be described as mid-century modern. The cushions are tight rather than slouchy, and the price tag is approachable.

Olson and Baker-Buying a Sofa Online Blog-Moulton Sofa by Case Furniture

But is this sofa right for you? Take a look at our full collection of contemporary sofas.

By buying online, you are able to get exactly the style you are looking for. Our first advice would be: Whatever you have to spend make sure you choose something that really makes you happy.

Before making a purchase, read as many reviews as you can. It will be by no means a wasted exercise. The overall score is almost always a good indicator of quality—the Moulton, for example, scores highly in many reviews. It’s also always worth hunting down styled life shots when buying furniture online. This is because pictures of the pieces in situ as opposed to a blank white background can allow you to envision the sofa in your own space.

When you consider ordering online there is great value in poking around the internet to see what others, especially bloggers, have to say.

Wait for the fabric samples

This is an all too often overlooked aspect of buying online. Fabric samples are crucial.

Many manufacturers and retailers offer them for free or for a small charge.  You really shouldn’t imagine purchasing something as important and dominating as a sofa without seeing the fabric yourself!

Make sure you request swatches from the companies whose products you are considering. For example, Olson and Baker samples are generous in both quantity and size. This is important because small samples make it hard to truly comprehend the impact of colour or texture.

The Moulton sofa is available in an assortment of both colours and materials, including wools, cotton and linen. Remember that fabrics can vary in darkness and light especially if the furniture is placed in direct sunlight. If there isn’t an easy to find Fabric Samples button on the retailer’s website, contact them directly and ask.

Be sure to measure and check the measurements

Try physically marking off a potential sofa’s dimensions on the living room floor in more than one location in order to be confident that the piece would work in the eventual space you choose.

Olson and Baker-Buying a Sofa Online Blog-Measure Sofa Space

Also consider flexibility because you may want to be able to move the sofa around and not be hidebound with only one possible option. Make sure to compare the sofa’s dimensions to the ones of the current sofa you are replacing.

It is highly recommended that you make sure to compare the dimensions of any furniture that you’re contemplating buying to a real-life piece you can actually experience, even when it’s not really a perfect comparison. When you order a sofa and don’t have an extra sofa lying around, measure a chair instead. This enables you to find out things like how easy it may be to rise from a particular seat height. It also allows you to get an idea of how the back height is likely to look against the wall where the furniture is to be placed. Check everything that you think is going to matter. Remember this is a significant purchase, so you want to get it right.

Check for discounts

As you approach making your decision, reach out to our team to check whether there are any sales going on.

Olson and Baker-Buying a Sofa Online Blog-Sign Up Offer

Even if there are no sales at the time, we may be able to let you know that there will be a discount on your chosen piece in the not too distant future,

this will save you wasting time shopping around.

Companies often offer a variety of discounts so hold off from ordering until you are sure you are getting the best deal. We offer new customers 5% discount at the moment for signing up to our newsletter.

Unless you are desperate for a particular piece of furniture tomorrow, take the time to work the discount system. You can even attract bonus points when you are able to combine offers! We will always reward a loyal customer in future purchase too!

Understand the return policy

The cost and size of ordering a sofa online can be stressful, we wouldn’t blame you if the whole thing gave you stomach ache! But remember to read the return policy…

At Olson and Baker, provided you contact us within 24 hours of receiving the goods, it is possible to organise a replacement (provided this is a stocked line and not made to order).
It goes without saying, if any sofa arrives damaged then a replacement will be supplied as soon as possible. Our Quality Checks (QC) are second to none and all of our brands have some of the most rigid checks in all of Europe. Though, even if a sofa arrives in perfect condition, you can always discuss a return or exchange with our helpful customer service team (provided this is a stocked line and not made to order). When sending the goods back, you are only be liable for the postage and packaging costs back to us. Keep that packaging pristine if you’re unsure!

That all said, we’re a friendly bunch and there are always ways to sort any issues you may have.

We would always advise, be it us or another company, doing you due diligence. We implore you to always read the return policy from cover to cover. Our advice? Just avoid any draconian policies, this will make it easier to narrow your choice too! Many businesses have very reasonable return policies, so you really don’t have to settle for any that look terrible.

Issues on arrival? Document & communicate!

At Olson and Baker, we offer a wide range of delivery options. As standard, for all our online sofa orders we use a specialist delivery firm who offer a range of service. These range from, our standard door-to-door service, all the way to fully installing the piece and removing unwanted packaging. Our delivery team will even place the sofa in your chosen room!

We appreciate that an Olson and Baker sofa might be one of the higher priced items in your interior. But, after reading this blog, breathe easy in the knowledge that buying a sofa online can be a painless process. You are in safe hands with Olson and Baker.

If there are any hiccups along the way, make sure you document them thoroughly. We are always striving to improve our service at Olson and Baker and this kind of feedback is super valuable to us. After all, a good company should be willing to work with you to resolve any issues.

Returning online customers and reviews

When it turned out that we required another sofa – this time a sofa bed as it turned out – we found ourselves back on the Olson and Baker website.

For most people one sofa is only the start. Once you’ve dipped your toe in you’ll be hooked! More recently we had a customer come back to us looking for a sofa bed. We just so happen to have a very extensive range! From wood sofa beds to unique metal sofa beds, fully upholstered frames to unique exposed mechanisms. Furthermore, our ranges are available in a variety of sizes. As a result, you can choose from double, king, continental, queen and even super king size sofa beds. We supply timeless sofa beds to suit almost any modern interior.

Also, for the best in Danish design take a look at Softline. As this customer did, tempted by a Softline City Two-Seat Sofa Bed. This time there was no stressful consternation, the customer knew the process and that we could be counted on. For a start, it was a bit cheaper!

Of course, first purchase or not, still follow our advice and apply the techniques that we have listed above. It’s always risky to not order fabric samples for example. Also, it’s always worth mentioned a loyalty discount. There’s so much competition out there and at Olson and Baker we love our loyal customers dearly! Not convinced? Check out our reviews. Or, take a look at our testimonials page.

It’s never been easier to customise a sofa to make it really work for you and your space online. Furthermore, we hope that after reading this you feel more at ease with the idea. As we have shown, buying a new sofa online, can seem like a chore. But, it can be easier than you think… When you’re ready to buy new pieces of furniture for your home get in touch, we’d love to assist you – we even offer free spatial planning! With Olson and Baker, no stomach aches to fear!

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