Buying Guide | Choosing The Right Light – One Room At A Time (Infographic)

Choosing lighting for your home is a detail you need to plan carefully. Read our tips below to help transform your space at the flick of a switch with our modern lighting. Then head on over to our lighting page and enjoy our carefully curated collection of premium, designer lighting. From table, desk and floor lamps, to pendant, wall, and ceiling lights, there’s certain to be something just right to personalise your living space. Used in the right way, lighting can change the atmosphere and mood of any space. Light has a positive impact on your general well being and health too. Layering lighting generally offers a more ambient interior. People tend to use one large focal pendant, though with today’s choice there’s a better way.

Buying Guide | Choosing The Right Light - One Room At A Time (Infographic)

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Think spotlights, downlights and large shades. The focus of the light should slowly dim down from the work-surfaces.
Consider LED tape to backlight shelves and add a soft glow above and below cabinets.
Rise-and-fall lamps over the dining table are great! Adjustable lighting provides focused or softer lighting, depending on the mood.

Home Offices and Studys.

Look for desk and table lamps with flexibility. Widely adjustable arms can focus light on a specific area on activity.

Living Room.

Use pendants in clusters to create a unique centrepiece. Perhaps go bold with a contemporary chandelier as a focal point for the room. Table and floor lights create strong shadows. Also, when combined can create an eclectic look.


Modern wall lights with adjustable arms are not just for hotel rooms. They’re are they easily angled, but they also free up space on dressers and bedside tables. They’re the perfect addition to any modern bedroom decor.
Bedside table lights can offer a soft and ambient glow to your bedroom. With the right styling they can also add a designer touch to your bedsides.

Lighting To Enhance Mood

One of the most popular forms of mood lighting is a dimmer switch. This will allow you to decide upon the brightness and glow of your lights. Control the mood by increasing or decreasing the brightness of your lighting. This will allow you to alter moods and emotions with your lights. This also gives you the ability to change the ambience of your rooms at different times of the day. For example, you may want to enjoy evening television with low-level lighting. Although in the morning you may want your bathroom lights to beam brightly.
Mood lighting also reduces the amount of energy you consume. Therefore you’ll save money on your monthly bills.

Bathroom & Exterior Lighting.

Bathrooms need lighting that can be both practical and relaxing. They must also meet IP ratings and guidelines. Here are some of our top tips…
Use diffused wall and ceiling lights. Not only do they use a sealed diffuser protecting them from moisture, but they reflect less glare from mirrored surfaces too.
Minimise shadows by placing wall lights by the sides of mirrors and in front of you.
Whilst sometimes overlooked, exterior lighting can look spectacular. When it comes to lighting your home, exterior lighting can styles the outside of a property.
Consider using wall lights, rather than a single overhead bulb, to light and frame a front door.

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