Matthew Hilton: A Renowned British Furniture Designer

Matthew Hilton, a highly regarded British furniture designer, was born in 1957. His passion for design led him to study at Portsmouth College of Art and Kingston Polytechnic. After completing his education, Hilton honed his skills as an industrial designer and model maker at Capa. However, his true breakthrough came in 1984 when he took a significant leap forward. Hilton established his own design studio/workshop.

In 1986, Hilton began collaborating with SCP, a pioneering furniture manufacturer. They were the first to produce his work. Over almost two decades, this partnership has yielded iconic furniture pieces. These include the Balzac armchair, Orford sofa, and Flipper coffee table. Alongside SCP, Hilton has worked with esteemed international manufacturers including Case Furniture, Driade, Disform, Sawaya and Moroni, XO, Montis, Perobell, Authentics, Montina, Livit, and Ycami.

Matthew Hilton: Embracing Evolution in Design

In 2007 Matthew Hilton created his own furniture brand, Matthew Hilton Studio. He continued to collaborate with Case Furniture and SCP for new designs. Hilton rejects design movements and fashion-driven approaches. Instead, he embraces a design process that aligns with the evolution of objects throughout history. He focuses on the end user’s needs. This creates more adaptable and fluid solutions for diverse domestic spaces. Not only catering to large projects but individuals’ needs too.

The Dulwich Extending Dining Table: Style and Functionality Combined

The Dulwich Extending Dining Table for Case Furniture has also won significant acclaim in the UK. This is for several compelling reasons. It features a stylish and modern design that effortlessly combines form and function. This of course makes it an ideal choice for contemporary and modern homes. The table’s extending function allows for easy customisation too. Meaning that it caters to both everyday dining needs and special gatherings. Case craft the Dulwich with precise attention to detail and utilise high-quality materials. This ensures durability and long-lasting performance. These are, of course, typical traits of Matthew Hilton furniture

Hilton’s Journey as a Designer

Hilton’s journey as a designer began with a fascination for painting, sculpture, and architecture. A tutor at Portsmouth College of Art suggested the idea of becoming a designer to him. Embracing the suggestion, Hilton enrolled in the renowned Furniture and Design course at Kingston Polytechnic.

After graduating, he established his own design studio/workshop in 1984. Hilton gained recognition at the Milan Furniture Fair in 1986. Here he launched a series of shelves. In 1991, he designed the Balzac Armchair, which now we all celebrate as a modern classic chair.

Eos Range: Hilton’s Dedication to the UK Furniture Market

In recent years, the award-winning Eos range has garnered significant praise. He dedicated his utmost effort to designing the Eos collection specifically for the UK furniture market. His goal was to create outdoor furniture which combines contemporary style with functionality. Hilton has a deep understanding of the discerning tastes and preferences of UK consumers. As a result, Eos embodies sophistication, durability, and versatility. Eos outdoor furniture exemplifies his unwavering dedication to crafting innovative designs. A designer admired by those seeking top-quality furniture that exceeds expectations.

Recognising Excellence: Hilton’s Elle Decoration Design Award

Throughout his career, Hilton has transitioned towards a more functional approach. He focuses on designer furniture that people can truly live with. Hilton draws inspiration from established furniture forms. He updates and reinvents them while looking ahead to the future. In 2006, Hilton’s Cross Extension Table received the prestigious Elle Decoration Design Award (Best in Furniture). This table showcases Hilton’s mastery of advanced wood manufacturing techniques. Not only this, but his keen sense of proportion, scale, and functionality too.

Explore Matthew Hilton’s Exceptional Furniture

Every piece Matthew Hilton designs imbues meaning and personal significance. Matthew Hilton’s work is a reflection of his continuous learning and exploration of new materials. He collaborates with various manufacturers and undergoes stylistic evolution. However, Hilton doesn’t follow design movements. Instead, he believes the design process should intertwine with an object’s evolutionary history. If you want to discover more about Matthew Hilton and his exceptional furniture, feel free to reach out to us at [email protected].

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