New Bedroom Furniture Collection – The Heaviside Bedroom Collection by Olson and Baker

New to 2019, we have launched a rich, opulent and luxurious collection of bedroom furniture. We have brought together a delicate blend of high-quality materials and classic, contemporary design to produce the Heaviside collection.

In contrast to the Scandinavian and Modern styles we’re best known for, we have decided to take a different approach with this collection. The Heaviside bedroom collection embodies all of our core principles; it’s stylish, well-crafted, and most importantly, timeless. However, the Heaviside collection approaches these values in a different way and lends itself to design trends that have prevailed in recent years on high-end developments in Chelsea, Kensington, Knightsbridge and Notting Hill.

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How To Style The Heaviside Collection

Materials and Finishes Available

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How To Style The Heaviside Collection

With a careful approach, this collection can really set off your bedroom space. Not only does it look great when styled correctly, but provide excellent storage solutions for your room.

The Heaviside bedside tables are a generous size, with a width of 72cm, and a depth of 43cm. So, ideally, you’ll want a spacious layout and adequate space either side of your bed to get the best out of these units. They will comfortably accommodate books, a table lamp and an ornament with room to spare. Furthermore, the drawers have plenty of internal room too  – The perfect place to store away accessories, jewelry, watches or books. Due to the spacious surface, we would opt for a pair of table lamps rather than wall lamps. If you’re feeling eclectic, we’d suggest a candle and picture frame too. In short, the surfaces on all of the Heaviside range provide perfect display space, so if your a fan of decorative objects you’re looking at the perfect collection!

Materials and Finishes Available

The full Heaviside bedroom furniture collection is handmade in exceptional quality veneers, with a range of metal detailing and a metal frame. The design’s exquisite metalwork paired with its patterned wood grain, work in perfect harmony. We find that pieces like this need to be flexible, they’re a more considered purchase due to the higher price point. They need to reflect the decor’s personality. That’s why we’ve made it available in an array of beautiful wood and metal finishes. The Heaviside cabinets feature expert hand joinery and a robust yet graceful thick-bodied frame, that rests on solid steel legs. The Heaviside’s standout features are its recessed and plated handles, wood skirted sides and tapered, angular legs which can be seen across the whole range.


Get The Look

We’ve looked at a variety of different styles of décor the Heaviside collection can work with. For beds we suggest the Linton Bed frame and headboard with the Heaviside Bedside with One Drawer , this will accentuate the beautifully tapered legs on the bed and keep the interior space light and open. However, if you’re looking for something a little more affluent, combine the Rutherford Bed with the Heaviside Two Drawer Bedside Table. And of course, you can then use the rest of the matching range to finish the bedroom. Depending on how much storage you need, you may need the chest of drawers and tallboy.

The classic look, and the one we recommend if your interior spce allows it is, of course, the Caviar veneer with the Graphite metal frame and detailing. These look spectacular when paired with the JWDA Metallic Table Lamp or the Bestlite BL2 Table Lamp. However, to make a real statement try using the Fun 1TM Table Lamp, this is one of our most luxurious table lamps. With its gorgeous translucent Mother of Pearl discs, It disperses the light in the most exquisite way.

Then we would recommend tying all of this together with our modest but generously sized Addams Rug with a subtle, shallow pile this beautiful rug elegantly catches the light adding depth and detail to your interior décor and comes in a variety of tones and hues to match the Heaviside’s various wood finishes.

We’re constantly looking to expand our collection, making good quality design more accessible. Many new designs will be joining our collection later this year including new lighting, home accessories and furniture.

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