Children’s designer furniture at Olson and Baker. From mid-century children’s chairs and stools, to modern bunk beds and storage. Our collection of kid’s furniture is also available in a variety of different styles. Not only this but our range of children’s furniture come in lots of colours to suit your child’s room decor. Create the coolest playroom, nursery or bedroom around and let our pieces inspire you.
We stock the world’s leading brands such as Magis Me Too. Pieces like the iconic Puppy by Eero Aarnio and the spectacular Rocky Rocking Horse. In addition, if you need bespoke furniture be sure to contact us for more information.
Finally be sure to take a look at our range of home accessories. Add cushions, throws and rugs to make your interior design extra warm and cosy.
You can reach our experienced team on +44 1143 488303 or We will offer you friendly, factual advice on any of our children’s furniture.

  • Bunky BedMagis Bunky Bed by Marc Newson

    Bunky Bed

    By Magis

  • Magis Bunky Matress by Marc Newson

    Bunky Matress

    By Magis

  • Magis Dalmatian Puppy Chair by Eero Aarnio

    Dalmatian Puppy Chair

    By Magis

  • El BaulMagis El Baul by Javier Mariscal

    El Baul

    By Magis

  • HiHo Rocking ChairInnermost HiHo Rocking Chair by Jarrod Lim

    HiHo Rocking Chair

    By Innermost

  • Julian Childrens ChairMagis Julian Childrens Chair by Javier Mariscal

    Julian Childrens Chair

    By Magis

  • Linus TableMagis Linus Table by Javier Mariscal

    Linus Table

    By Magis

  • Magis My First Office by Marti Guixe

    My First Office

    By Magis

  • Magis My House by Bjorn Dahlstrom

    My House

    By Magis

  • NidoMagis Nido by Javier Mariscal


    By Magis

  • Piedras BenchMagis Piedras Bench by Javier Mariscal

    Piedras Bench

    By Magis

  • Piedras Coffee TableMagis Piedras Coffee Table by Javier Mariscal

    Piedras Coffee Table

    By Magis

  • Piedras Low ChairMagis Piedras Low Chair by Javier Mariscal

    Piedras Low Chair

    By Magis

  • PingyMagis Pingy by Eero Aarnio


    By Magis

  • Puppy ChairMagis Puppy Chair by Eero Aarnio

    Puppy Chair

    By Magis

  • Rocky Rocking HorseMagis Rocky Rocking Horse by Marc Newson

    Rocky Rocking Horse

    By Magis

  • Trioli Childrens ChairMagis Trioli Childrens Chair by Eero Aarnio

    Trioli Childrens Chair

    By Magis


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