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Eclectic design styles mix vintage and contemporary styles together harmoniously. Such designs include a combination of textures, finishes and colours. Though tricky to pull off, eclectic interiors can elevate any space. Follow our guidelines and you can’t go wrong.
Getting the scale and proportion right is especially important in eclectic rooms. Finding a balance in scale and symmetry is key to nailing the design.
Colour can be a great equalizer and pulls together an overall look. Stick to one go-to colour and play up shades with art and accessories to help unify the space.
Play up contrasts. The clean lines of contemporary pieces work well with ornate styles and textures.
You can have various pieces of different styles, as long as the mix is balanced. Think about the overall ambience to ensure the mix is evenly distributed.
Blend eclectic pieces throughout the house. Mix up styles in every room as opposed to having a different “style theme” for each space.
Use accessories or a certain fabric to pull a room together. Building bridges with velvet or cushions can create symmetry within an eclectic style.
Although it’s important to have well-edited accessories, it’s crucial to have fewer pieces that make a big impact. Think interesting, not cluttered.
Be daring. Most interiors never deviate from one style because it’s so much easier. Think outside the box and a beautiful eclectic home can be yours. Olson and Baker offer a free interior planning service, should you be interested in re-vamping your home or business with an edgy, Eclectic interior design.
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