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Our distinct design ethos is characterised by a refined blend of Scandinavian and Post-Modern influence. What better place to implement this than in a lounge/living area.
Read Our Definitive Guide to an Olson and Baker Lounge, let us know what you think.
Pendant lights – Bright but discreet glow, dimming, statement.
Floor lighting – Complimenting, flexible, metallic.
Accent lighting – Small, ornamental, make use of levels.
Materials & finishes.
Flooring – It’s got to be timber, timber or polished concrete.
Accents – Copper has died a long painful death. Pull some classic brass fixings in, these will age beautifully and brass has a much longer shelf life. Maybe marble in places to add a touch of class.
Mohair – Warm, fine, natural.
Cashmere – Refined, rich, worth every penny.
Hides – Softening, welcoming, nature.
Upholstery – Stick will wool mixes and natural fibres, almost all of our world class collections used wool blends to further complement the natural curves and forms in each design.
Bold – Deep Olson and Baker blue floor to ceiling, skirting and dado rail covered. Be bold busy keep it to a feature wall, don’t go overboard.
Clean – Crisp, clean whites will serve perfectly as a base for your grand design.
Metallics – Keep to one, wether its brass, copper, steel, chrome; be subtle and sparing. After-all god truly is in the detail.
Ceramics – Authentic ceramics, hand-made pieces that tell a story. One or two of these in select locations will complement perfectly, stick to dark earthy tones.
Designer statements – An Eames House bird, an Aalto Vase, or maybe a Girard Doll will add character to the space. Objects of interest, conversation pieces is what we’re all about.
Life collectibles – A tribal mask from your trip to Peru, a fan from Beijing, whatever the object of interest, no matter how cliche, show it off.
Sofa – Soft, wool blend, solid, subtle detailing.
Lounge chair – A classic, comfortable above all else, statement.
Rug – Slimline, delicate, patterned.
Media unit – Low, dark timber, crisp white.
Olson and Baker is timeless style, influenced by the worlds very greatest design. Why can’t you have this in your own home? You can, feel free to get in touch and discuss your blank canvas and how we can guide you towards a select few pieces that will change your decor for the better [email protected]

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