Olson and Baker’s Top Ten Hallway Designs

The Hallway, landing, entrance, corridors they’re all the same. A thin awkward stretch of room that above all else requires easy access. At Olson and Baker we’ve realised something, there are so many hallways in lifestyle shots. Why? Well why not? Think about it their only purpose is free flowing access. This makes them a relatively blank canvas.
Here’s Our Definitive Guide to an Olson and Baker Hallway:
Materials & finishes.
Exposing period features – Pull back that plaster, tear up that carpet, you never know what mysteries are hiding behind.
Wallpaper – Choose something neutral but still intriguing, think feature wall toned down. NLXL have a superb range of wallpapers to this effect, you can source them here https://olsonbaker.com/nlxl/
Embellishment – Add a touch of class with a dado rail. If you’re lucky enough to have a central hanging pendant, fit a plaster curling rose, again this will frame whatever feature piece you choose to hang from it ‘cough!’ https://olsonbaker.com/product-category/ceiling-and-pendant-lights/ A word of warning, only those blessed with ceilings higher than 230cm should adopt the above. For those with lower ceilings try https://olsonbaker.com/product-category/recessed-lighting/
Mirrors – It’s simple, place mirrors to the side to give the impression the space is wider. Conversely if you’re looking for added depth, pave mirrors at the ends of the space.
Coat Stands – We supply a range of stunning accessories for a hallway. You’ve an important design to make here, coat stands can look busy, if you’re frequently entertaining invest in a cupboard space to store shoes, coats and bags.
Objects – Wall art, vases, ornaments; keep to a minimum, after-all you’re trying to add space. Don’t clutter it.
Stools – Get a stool in there, somewhere close to where the shoes are stored, nice and efficient.
Sideboard – If there’s room in your hallway for a sideboard that’s spectacular news our range is to die for, take a look https://olsonbaker.com/product-category/storage/
Console – For those with a little less room, weigh up the space, make a choice, but remember those fated words – less really is more!
Blend – Don’t forget the very purpose of the space. Join rooms effortlessly with gentle use of neutral colours to lead from one area to the next.
Follow those steps and you should have a pretty attractive, forgive us, grand entrance! Get in touch if you’d like some help, our planning service is brilliant at helping you envisage the space [email protected]

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