Olson and Baker’s Top Tips for an Outstanding Home Office

What do you use your study/home office for? Occasional Skype call? A peaceful nook to study or read? Maybe you’re an avid business man or woman? Whatever you’re doing in there, do it like a pro, use our O + B top tips to create the perfect work space at home:
The View
Reward yourself with a view. Find one of the top contending viewpoints in your house and boom, slam don a desk right there! You deserve it, you need to gaze upon something a little more interesting than a flat colour wall, how else are those creative juices going to flow? Please note the TV is not a view point, merely an awful, awful distraction. We’d suggest a window ideally, something outdoorsy, if you’re not blessed with the luxury of natural light grab a majestic image of a foreign landscape or something just as magical.
The Chair
Go to our chairs page https://olsonbaker.com/product-category/furniture/chairs/ and invest in a seriously awesome chair. Again, the whole experience neds to be rewarding, you work hard, you’ve earned the right! If you’re having trouble determining which chair is the perfect blend between support and comfort give us a call or drop us a message.
Don’t go just run down to the closest Swedish furniture supplier warehouse and buy a load of storage on an impatient whim, this stuff will last you a year tops with frequent use… so just don’t. Instead take a look at some quality sustainable, timeless storage which will house all your binders, books and imaginings beautifully https://olsonbaker.com/product-category/furniture/storage-shelving/
What’s your favourite colour? Blue? Yellow? Green? Pink even? Fine great, if this is what gets you going, go for it. Just tone it down a little first, go for a subtle pastel shade, keep it relaxed, inoffensive. Avoid ‘Office Cream’ at all costs.
Add some Style to that Mother
There’s nothing worse than a soulless office environment. Take a look at some tasteful objects to place tactically around the room, remember we’ve done most of this for you, https://olsonbaker.com/product-category/home/decorative-objects/ our decorative objects are all carefully selected and curated by our team, we use the products ourselves and have decades of experience in this market. Most of the design classics we carry are more like old friends to us.
Space Saving Shelving
Like great architecture you must rise up high, save some of that precious floor space. Let’s be frank, home offices aren’t the largest rooms, if separate rooms at all, it could be a generous room corner dedicated to your serious business and matters of great importance. Floating shelves are great, but what you really need to try and do is make it look good. Take a look at String Shelving by Nils Strinning https://olsonbaker.com/string or even Rossetto Wall Systems https://olsonbaker.com/rossetto-armobil/ if you prefer a something with a little more gloss.
Let there be Light!
The final touch… Lighting. The most important element, if all the other points are ignored, please invest in decent lighting. We’ve a gorgeous range of lights, forgive the pun, but it really is where we shine:
The right level of lighting will keep your eyes from straining and will keep you alert.
And there we have it, heeding all of the above will guarantee you a superior working environment, furthermore will increase productivity, well-being and health. You’d be a fool to ignore it.

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