Our Definitive Guide to an Olson and Baker Bedroom

The bedroom, arguably the most important room in your humble abode. It also features two of what should be your most considered purchases, but we’ll get to that.
At Olson and Baker we want to help you achieve a bedroom worthy of royalty, so here’s Our Definitive Guide to an Olson and Baker Bedroom:
Storage – Considering how much is your biggest challenge, as we do keep to quality darker timbers and really do try to remember the more storage you have the more you will hoard.
Bed – Grand, opulent, do it. Think big or sleek. We would always side with the subtler option, but the bed can be dressed appropriately either way. This should be one of the most considered investments in your whole property.
Mattress – Spend more! Simply put no-one spends enough on their mattress. Remember over a third of your life is spent on this. Why wouldn’t you invest thousands in it? If it’s too much to swallow break it down into nightly payments. Our mattresses are completely organic, hand-made in the UK and most important of all are pretty affordable in line with the competition. They work out at around 5-10p a night!
Bedding – Natural, breathable, light.
Throws – Mixed, mohair, cashmere, hides.
Cushions – Minimum, statement, intricate.
Rugs – Knotted, thick, Scandinavian.
Mirrors – We’ve a stunning range of mirrors, any of these would work perfectly, a floor and a wall mirror, done! https://olsonbaker.com/product-category/mirrors/
Dressing – If you can fit in a dressing table, great! For those not so lucky we’ve a range of stools and small side chairs that would be prefect aside a floor or wall mirror.
Materials & finishes.
Balance – Keep it balanced, warm textiles, industrial finishes. What better that the sharp crisp original oak floor against a soft luxurious cashmere throw?
Keep it original – We’ve said it a thousand times, expose those floorboards, reveal that authentic Victorian tiling, seriously it will add value in every way.
Selective – Be bold and rich, don’t shy away from colour, just be selective. There should be one colour with only a few tones on display. The rest should be strictly tones with a metal details here and there.
Match – Try to match your woods, this is difficult but like in fashion with leather, the belt, the shoes, the watch strap, it should all be similar if not the same.
Whites – Tones appear frequently with our pieces, don’t be scared to use white on white. Various whites can often add a nice subtlety to a scheme and will never have an overbearing effect.
We hope this allows you to achieve a truly masterful bedroom. We offer interior planning so should you hit any bumps in the road get in touch and we’ll get there together [email protected]

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