The Olson and Baker Design Guide to Mid-Century Design Styles

In the 1960s and 50s design was at an all-time high. Designs were clean-cut, modern, and wide-ranging. Regardless of the progression of time, mid-century designs have remained a staple in interior decor. In this guide, we’ll cover the essentials you need to implement your very own mid-century design O and B style, bringing you right back to the present day.
Buy Mid-Century.
Given the flexibility of mid-century present day furniture lighting and home accessories, it’s no big surprise that there are bounteous shopping choices. At Olson and Baker we’ve carefully curated an extensive range pertinent design icons. Form Eames to Noguchi, Wohlert our selection showcases the very best from the middle of the century, all authentic original pieces too.
The exceptional differentiating shapes of mid-century lighting offer an extremely strong position for the use of light in your room. For the most part made of completed metal, yet now and again with wood and plastic. Check out Jielde!
Soft Furnishings.
Recognizing mid-century is essential when picking the right style and layout. Mid-century cherishes lopsided, unique spaces. Ordinarily, unadulterated mid-century configuration does not utilize raw materials, unfinished wood or matured metal for example, so dress those barer areas with a geometric rug from Verner Panton, or something with equal appeal. Above all else be innovative and utilize your judgment to distinguish what fits with your mid-century pieces.
Mid-century modern furniture is so easy to recognise with its straight, clean lines emphasised with smooth, curved angles. In rare cases these pieces will feature a fancy ornamentation or upholstery. This minimalist design commonly relies on finely finished wooden construction, but can also include various plastics, fiberglass or metal.
Selecting colour is consistently the first step to arranging your interior, since it drives your furniture and stylistic layout determination. Mid-century colours tend to join darker unbiased tones with soaked complement colours. A great way to select colour is to use a dominant base colour, accompanied by a secondary colour, and finally an accent colour for the detailing.
Olson and Baker offer a free interior planning service, so if you want to create a mid-century retreat but need some help with your scheme get in touch [email protected]

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