Great Danish Summer with Skagerak

best mid century modern outdoor furnitureSkagerak furniture is where tradition and contemporary Danish design meet. And when the sun comes out, thoughts turn to the great Danish summer involving the garden, barbecues, swimming pools and afternoon tea. It’s a perfect time to welcome Danish outdoor furniture brand Skagerak to your style.

Skagerak fulfils proud furniture traditions. It is a family-run company that develops, designs, and sells beautiful furniture. They cater for the outdoors, indoors and offer parasols and other gift accessories. These include trendy designer coat hangers and some very smart crockery.

Skagerak makes most of its garden furniture pieces using solid teak. It characterises its products with typical Scandinavian minimalist designs and clean lines. The brand bases its philosophy on a passion for wood and focus on quality.

Among the designers with whom they work are Designduo, Bernt Santesson, Niels Hvass, and Jacob Berg as well as many others.

Stand out pieces are the Selandia chair, the Between Lines Deck Chair, the Ballare Extendable Table, and the Columbus sun lounger. They have many more furniture ideas where they came from.

As you can imagine Skagerak has won numerous awards for its beautiful furniture, which is all made in an eco-friendly and sustainable way.

History of Danish Design

mid century modern furnitureMuch of contemporary Danish design traces its roots to the end of the 19th-century and into the early to mid 20th-century. It was when many legendary designers and architects were shaping Denmark’s design industry. They also established the foundation on which today’s creatives and renowned companies sit.

Included among the iconic figures that stand out are the designers Knud V. Engelhardt, Thorvald Bindesbøll, and Kaare Klint. Among other enduring innovations, Klint designed the Safari Chair. Klint left his mark on Danish design. In so doing he influenced many of his contemporaries and a lot of modern designers.

When the Second World War was over, Denmark emerged into a new era of furniture and industrial design. The country’s woodworking heritage combined with its handcrafting traditions. It then came together with a new age of industrialization. There was a fresh freedom of expression.

At this time, the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts launched a new school of furniture. In part, influenced by a modern design that emerged in America in the middle of the century. This then coupled with Shaker design values. Adopted by Danish designers, it sparked a revolution.

As a result, between the late 1940s and the 1960s, Danish designers began creating many iconic designs. These included not only Hans Jørgensen Wegner’s famous Wishbone Chair but also Arne Jacobsen’s legendary Egg chair, as well as his Ant, and Swan versions. It was in 1966 at the end of this period that Jørn Utzon completed his design for the Sydney Opera House.

It was 10 years later that many new family-owned furniture brands came along to mark an even newer era in Denmark’s design heritage.

The Birth of Skagerak

The establishment of Skagerak happened in 1976. The brand name brings the whole of Scandinavia together. It is the Skagerrak strait that connects Denmark to both Sweden and its neighbour Norway.

Jesper and Vibeke Panduro, the founders, wanted the Skagerak name to symbolise permanence and continuity. They also wanted to conjure up thoughts of constant movement along with evolution.

Since the founding of the business all Skagerak designs have featured a blend of both the traditional and the experimental. They incorporate both classic Nordic principles of design with the most cutting-edge technology. Indeed, Skagerak has come to represent the pinnacle of contemporary Danish craft and design. The company’s furniture is not only a practical addition to any living space, it tends to become part of a home’s soul.

The Skagerak Legacy

The Skagerak collection includes indoor and outdoor furniture, home accessories, and more. It comes together with the help of established as well as emerging designers. Among the prizes won by the designs are the German Design award and many Red Dot Design Awards. The flagship store in Copenhagen has also received an accolade. Four years ago, it scooped the Design Base Prize as Denmark’s most innovative design store.

Skagerak furniture lasts for generations. It is also made to look timeless and stylish. What this means is that every item in the brand’s collection can blend into a wide range of interiors. The furniture complements both the more classic and the most contemporary spaces in any home.

What is noticeable is how well even the earliest Skagerak pieces sit so well with the company’s latest collections. What they all have in common is an understated design that is both elegant and versatile. They also stand out for having their own distinctive character and immense Nordic charm.

Craftsmanship and Sustainable Manufacturing

The Nordic countries are proud of their long tradition of woodworking elan. Skagerak furniture builds on this. Not only does it use only the best quality materials, but also the brand maintains a transparent material sourcing program.

This involves the business increasing the share of wood that is Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified. This means that the wood comes only from sustainable managed forests.

On top of that, since 2016, Skagerak has been in the B Corp movement. This means the company meets the highest possible standards. This applies to its transparency, social performance and environmental responsibility.

The brand also commits to ethical and responsible processes when it comes to manufacturing. Skagerak makes certain that it makes great furniture, and does it well.

benches for outsideSkagerak Furniture Collections

There is a wide range of products in the Skagerak collection. They stretch from seating through tables and onto many innovative storage solutions. These incluse textiles, home accessories, and ranges of kitchenware. The brand offers extensive outdoor furniture and accessories. They all look great on balconies, in gardens, and adorning terraces.

The words associated with the Skagerak range include minimalist, functional and crafted. These products last and have distinctive characters. They would be easy to add into any décor.

Among the seating, lovers of design will find plenty of elegant chairs. There is also a choice of benches, lounge chairs and armchairs. All are good for both indoors and outdoors.

The designs available include those of the Swedish designer Anton Björsing. These include his Hven Armchair and Bench. Both feature his trademark minimalist aesthetic.

For her Georg series, designer Chris Liljenberg Halstrøm blends the principles of both Japanese and Nordic design. The resulting cues have created some elegant bar and kitchen stools.

Outdoor Furniture

The Skagerak range encapsulates many outdoor designs. They are suitable for including in lounge areas and living rooms that are open to the elements.

Povl B. Eskildsen’s Riviera Sun Lounger is weather-resistant and adjustable in both width and length. It enables the sitter to easily adapt it to different uses. Stine Weigelt designed the Between Lines Deck Chair. She made clear references to traditional garden chairs. But has adjusted the look so it is contemporary.

Skagerak Tables

Skagerak tables are functional. For example, Herman Studio’s Flux Round Table has a slender silhouette. It is the perfect choice for any small space. Jonas Herman Pedersen’s Flux series fuses French café charm with Nordic practicality. The result is outdoor furniture with delicate and angled forms. They make for ideal outdoor drinking and dining experiences. The table can seat between two and four people.

The Skagerak furniture collection also offers the Overlap Table and its matching bench. Designed by the TAF studio, the furniture features legs that overlap, hence the name. Low and compact, the Virkelyst Coffee Table designed by SAYS WHO stands the test of time. It also looks more beautiful as it ages. Crafted with teak wood, it loves being outdoors. This table develops a beautiful patina and turns from a golden brown to a silver-grey.

Storage Solutions

Skagerak has a minimalist style. The company’s practical products are focussed on functionality.

The Cutter series, for example, is practical and versatile. Designed by Niels Hvass the range includes wall-mounted seating. This folds down when it’s needed. A multi-functional mini wardrobe acts as a coat rack, a hanger stand, as well as a storage space. The Cutter Coat Rack is simple and elegant. It’s great for storing coats and jackets, along with bags.

Complimentary Accessories

Skagerak also manufactures and sells complimentary home and kitchen accessories and tableware. The Edge collection draws its inspiration from Greek amphora. Designed by Stilleben, much of the range is in terracotta. There are cups, mugs, a teapot, and sugar bowl. There are also other bowls, plant pots, and a wine cooler.

When it comes to the living room and kitchen, Skagerak offers many storage solutions. They are good at maintaining interiors as clutter-free and elegant spaces.

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