Minimalist Interior Design: Why Less Is More by Ohra Studio

Less is more may sound like a cliché, but with the minimalist design trend, that’s the essence of this style. Ohra Studio has carved a niche for creating elegant environments, with emotional minimalism, where the intelligent emptiness meets with rich emotions. To achieve it we use materials rich in patterns and textures.

Here we share what we believe makes emotional minimalistic design through its essentials of creating simple and uncluttered space. Although minimalism may seem simplistic, we at Ohra Studio always aspire to make the interior practical, beautiful and unique!

Open Floor Plan

Minimalist interiors often utilise open floor plans as opposed to multiple separate rooms. The few details employed are straightforward and blend harmoniously into the setting. This might be a single piece of art on the living room wall or a gorgeous vase on the table in the dining room. This allows more natural light into the space while achieving a feeling of spaciousness. Furniture pieces are arranged carefully around the room to provide enough seating yet not clustering the space.

For instance, with our Eco Summer House project in Kharkiv, Ukraine, we carried out a unique low-impact ecological home with a large open floor plan with modern architectural principles. Large windows and natural materials, including stone blocks, clay, hash roof, wood, and glass, allow easy integration with the environment.

In this dialogue with the environment, we implemented our Ohra Studio fundamental values; simplicity, minimalism, sustainable approach, and, above all, closeness to the external environment. In this sense, the interior design followed the same primary concerns using only natural materials, considering lightning and the clear atmosphere of the house.

Clean Lines

Minimalist design is also characterised by clean lines and shapes. This can range from sophisticated geometric patterns to organic curves. The design often features lots of white space to create a feeling of spaciousness as seen in our Primrose project.

We at Ohra Studio believe minimalist furnishings and accents are designed with efficiency and convenience in mind. A focus on minimalism highlights the core nature using flat, smooth surfaces and strong, clear lines.  Rarely ornate details or patterned accents to be found. Instead, elegance and simplicity in form and shape are emphasised.

Accessories should be kept to a minimum and chosen with thought to ensure they are meaningful additions that will enhance the room overall to eliminate unnecessary clutter. With minimalistic interior design, less is definitely more!

Lots Of Light

Minimalistic design is all about incorporating natural light and space with relaxing, soothing tones. The mood and ambiance of a location is set by light and emphasises space, line, and forms. For instance, with our project Woluwe, we gave a historical residence a new life by incorporating plenty of natural light and appropriate artificial light.

Our Ohra designers have chosen a modern classical style whilst incorporating contemporary art and furniture to create a cosy yet elegant space with plenty of light. We created an inviting yet sophisticated ambience with a mix of colours, textures and materials, furniture and soft furnishings. And included large windows to create an inviting, harmonious space.

Monochromatic Colour Palette

The essence of minimalistic design includes monochromatic colour palettes as seen in our Villa Senegal project. These monochromatic palettes can range from muted, pastel shades to bold, vibrant hues. The minimalistic design also makes heavy use of geometric shapes and patterns. This allows the space to have visual interest without feeling too busy or overwhelming.

Pieces of furniture in a minimalistic interior are usually streamlined and simple, with clean lines that provide an uncluttered look. Minimalistic spaces typically feature hard flooring, wood or tile, rather than carpets. Neutral colours and finishes are often used to give the space a modern, sophisticated feel.

Natural Materials

At Ohra Studio, it is always important for us to create a space that harmoniously combines the characteristics of classical and modern styles with natural materials. For instance, with our Kinshasa apartment project in Kinshasa, Congo, an organic union of classical and contemporary styles was selected. Including the form of a modern version of the openwork Moroccan grilles. Our designers integrated natural materials such as wood, marble, travertine, metal, and the subtle inclusion of local colour to give the interior a particular identity and uniqueness.

This is a guest blog feature from Ohra Studio. You can visit their website here; https://www.ohrastudio.com/

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