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modern designer furniture

It could be said that rooms without appealing modern designer furniture are no better than bodies without souls. From living room to bedroom, each room in a home needs distinctive furniture.

Over time, we have integrated furniture into our lives. So selecting the right modern designer furniture is very important for your home. It calls for thorough thinking.

One thing is for sure, the clean style of contemporary furniture is appealing. It is such a simple way of making your home look so much fresher and more modern. Often defined as modern furniture made after the 19th century, the designs of contemporary furniture usually complement any room.

It does not matter what you have chosen as your style. A few pieces can transform the traditional into the modern.

The basics

Before you select the modern designer furniture for a room it’s worth spending some time in the space. It will help you decide on the room’s use. You can then ponder what kind of furniture would suit you, the room, its purpose and your budget.

Think about the type of modern designer furniture you want. Consider what wood appeals. Have a view on build quality. Contemplate the finish. The more you resolve before you choose your furniture, the more successful you’ll be.

Take the available floor space into consideration. Think about the pieces of modern designer furniture you’d like to include. In a living room, the standard includes at least one armchair, a coffee table, a sofa as well as a TV stand. When it comes to contemporary furniture, like the Fredericia Swoon Lounge Chair, the pieces can be very adaptable.

Space Copenhagen designed the Swoon Chair for Fredericia in 2016. The aim was to develop an item that could fill the gap between a lounge chair and an armchair. The result is a good balance between offering relaxation while still providing good support for the back and body.

When you buy a chair like the Swoon its voluminous upholstery and curving contours suggest cosiness and comfort. It’s smaller than an average-sized chair so it is very well suited for any situation where space may be limited. There is a choice of finish for the oak chair legs. The upholstery can be either fabric or leather. Plus there is a choice of colours.


To set off your room you may choose to add some side tables, extra seating, as well as lamps and storage.

By combining contemporary and classic styling with simple functionality a lamp like the Aromas Abbacus Table Lamp will give your room a gentle but effective light. It’s an eye-catching lamp that ideally complements a set of stylish side tables or a nightstand. It comes in a variety of finishes.

If what you’re after is a modern table lamp look no further than this classic. Aromas Del Campo was founded in Valencia in the mid-1980s, and this design grew out of its original role as a manufacturer and distributor of potpourris and aromatic products as well as flowers. Today the business is focused on lighting systems. It offers a broad range of avant-garde products.

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When you’ve done your planning you should start measuring up the space to establish where the furniture may go.

It will help you figure out what furniture may look good in a certain space. You don’t have to be exact but having an idea about a room’s size will help determine the furniture. It’s important to know the size, especially when it comes to selecting a sofa like the Case Furniture Kelston Corner Sectional Sofa.

Contemporary furniture london

This is a generously proportioned three-seater so needs room to breathe. If you have the room this item not only combines innovation and comfort but it has an aesthetic design by Matthew Hilton, that dates back to 2009.

The Kelston’s back is adjustable so you can choose from many different levels. You could have it in an upright position or fold it down to one that is flat. It means you can have flexible seating that can be adapted to the people using the room.


The colours of the modern designer furniture you choose should respect the colour of the room. This may mean matching, but it could also mean contrasting. It’s a good idea to make paper templates of the pieces of furniture you want to include and arrange them in situ. To fit everything in a room, choose streamlined furniture. Nests of tables can replace a bulky coffee table.

A stylish but small two-seater sofa like the Cockcroft in Velvet can be a good alternative to two armchairs. Inspired by classy and stylish contemporary Italian design, the Cockcroft is beautiful without any compromises on comfort.

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This seating is massaged to perfection. It is made with a generous amount of high-strength foam. Its goose down cushions come paired with a structure of solid wood. The frame’s padding is designed to hug the body for comfort. This can be further boosted with optional additional backrest cushions. Each Cockcroft sofa is handmade in a 40-year-old Venitian workshop.

Match it with slimline vertical storage so you can use height rather than taking up valuable floor space. Wall and pendant lights are also useful for lighting rooms without cramping the area.


Lighting can be very stylish. Take the Innermost Doric Pendant Light. It’s a cast resin masterpiece. James Barlett is the designer who created this resin construction to allow the light shade to be very light weight.

Bartlett was inspired by ancient Greek and Roman columns and pillars. He then subverted the design so the classical scalloped details encircle the shade’s interior. This detail can only be detected from particular angles. These lights are strikingly beautiful when they are viewed from below. Doing so reveals a form, not unlike a crimped seashell edge.

Alternatively, the Gubi Multi-Lite Pendant Light offers a clean, uncluttered look. The designer, Louis Weisdorf, was innovative in the methods and the materials used to create this contemporary style.

The Collection represents Danish design’s golden era. It has a characteristic shape.  This enables the creation of a personal installation as well as a range of lighting values in any room.

With the shades being individually rotated, this lamp can be turned into a range of combinations. The light can be directed downwards, upwards, of the lamp can exude an asymmetrical light.

As well as with stylish lamps rooms can be made to feel even more light and airy when natural light is reflected in mirrors. The addition of cushions, throws and rugs further help to highlight a room’s splendour.

Mixing up styles

Contemporary furniture nods to many different eras. Whether it is the 1990s, 1950s, or another modern period, you’re bound to find great furniture to fit your style.

Even if you live in a traditional manor house there will be furniture that reflects the era you want to recreate. With contemporary furniture, you can mix many styles with ease. To avoid your home feeling disjointed, try combining colour schemes that unify your rooms.

You can also mix different styles of chairs around a dining table. Alternating the styles of sofa and armchairs you choose will add interest to your rooms. There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to contemporary furniture in your home. You can allow your style to shine through.


Some pieces are very modern looking with simple lines. They are often minimal. Others could be mistaken for vintage or even second-hand pieces. The bases of contemporary furniture are functionality, elegance, and simplicity.

Too many contemporary pieces of furniture can make a space feel cluttered. So don’t place too many small pieces around a room. But, also avoid choosing too few pieces of furniture. It can make rooms feel cold and desolate.  The aim is to style something that will be inviting when you return home.

Think about how you may match contemporary furniture with other features in a room. Some pieces will look great together. A soft sofa and armchairs, with rich deep fabrics, could look great with solid wood flooring. It could be further enhanced with accompanying rugs.

So long as you care for it, contemporary furniture should never go out of style. Protect your pieces against spillages. Keep up a maintenance regime to counter wear and tear. You may want to consider a throw especially if you have children and pets. It may be a good idea to remove more expensive pieces when guests come to visit. The aim is to keep your furniture looking better for longer. And to keep it looking fantastic for years.

Contemporary furniture takes many forms. Different shapes, various styles and a range of shades. Base furniture on the colours that you desire in a particular room. Oakwood furniture which is light in colour creates a warm atmosphere. But, dark wood furniture, like walnut or wenge, can conjure up a striking traditional feel.


To enhance calm, ordered rooms stylish storage is a must. You need shelves for books and magazines. Then there are places for you to store DVDs, CDs, gaming consoles and children’s toys.

The choices depend on how much space you have to spare. Open shelving units are great to display items like vases, books, candles and photos.

Open units also make good room dividers. This is handy if you have open-plan spaces and choose to divide the areas into different zones.

For closed-door storage, sideboards are a big trend. They are good for extra storage to keep everything out of sight. They also double up as display surfaces. You can show off flowers, photo frames and all sort of other accessories.

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Saving space

Storage is a great way of stylishly saving space. There are some brilliant pieces of contemporary furniture designed to be economical with the area. A popular way to achieve this is with furniture that can expand and contract to suit its purpose.

Extendable dining tables are perfect for people who need a small dining table most of the time.  You can adjust them when needed to cater for more guests. It’s not necessary to have a large table occupying all the space all the time.

One piece of contemporary furniture that offers a simple, clean and uncluttered look is the Gubi Stay Lounge Chair. The designer, Space Copenhagen, has employed innovative methods along with quality materials to come up with this unique piece of seating.

The Stay in its title conjures up ideas of relaxing, reading and rest. Indeed, the Stay collection consists of three sofas and two lounge chairs. Its sculptural shape not only gives it a contemporary look, but it also encourages the user to stay seated.

It has a characteristic shape that reminds us of a continuous pencil stroke wrapped around a solid texture. With a small size, it fits spaces of limited capacity.

Form following function

Creating a modern and contemporary home is about removing traditional details. Look for furniture with simple lines. Keep an eye out for minimal design. Choose key pieces that will make a statement about your home.

Always consider the function of a piece of furniture when you are looking. It may be for style, for practicality or comfort. Whatever you choose always make sure to fill your home with items that suit your needs.

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