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Our contemporary designer beds are delicately crafted from the very finest quality materials. Our modern bed frames offer luxurious comfort and premium design. From wood beds to unique metal beds, fully upholstered bed frames to storage beds and divans. Furthermore, our ranges are available in a variety of sizes. As a result, you can choose from double, king, continental, queen and super king mattress sizes. We stock timeless bedsteads to suit almost any modern interior.
Choose from Rossetto Armobil, for Italian master-craftsmanship available in the UK. Also, for the best of British take a look at Case Furniture.
Make your bedroom a calming retreat from the chaos of everyday life. Combine our cushions, throws, mirrors and bedroom storage. Finally allowing you to create the perfect space to de-stress after a busy day.
You can reach our experienced team on +44 1143 488303 or We will offer you friendly and factual advice on any of our bedroom furniture.

  • Air BedRossetto Armobil Air Bed by Rossetto Armobil

    Air Bed

    By Rossetto Armobil

  • Amo BedRossetto Armobil Amo Bed by Rossetto Armobil

    Amo Bed

    By Rossetto Armobil

  • Bilsby BedCase Furniture Bilsby Bed by Matthew Hilton

    Bilsby Bed

    By Case Furniture

  • Divine BedRossetto Armobil Divine Bed by Rossetto Armobil

    Divine Bed

    By Rossetto Armobil

  • Essence BedRossetto Armobil Essence Bed by Rossetto Armobil

    Essence Bed

    By Rossetto Armobil

  • Loop BedRossetto Armobil Loop Bed by Rossetto Armobil

    Loop Bed

    By Rossetto Armobil

  • New Age BedRossetto Armobil New Age Bed by Rossetto Armobil

    New Age Bed

    By Rossetto Armobil

  • Nightfly BedRossetto Armobil Nightfly Bed by Rossetto Armobil

    Nightfly Bed

    By Rossetto Armobil

  • Orthopedic MattressRossetto Armobil Orthopedic Mattress by Rossetto Armobil

    Orthopedic Mattress

    By Rossetto Armobil

  • Patchwork BedRossetto Armobil Patchwork Bed by Rossetto Armobil

    Patchwork Bed

    By Rossetto Armobil

  • Twist BedRossetto Armobil Twist Bed by Rossetto Armobil

    Twist Bed

    By Rossetto Armobil

  • Valentine BedCase Furniture Valentine Bed by Matthew Hilton

    Valentine Bed

    By Case Furniture


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